Tchaikovsky i els nens!- Sèries “Els grans compositors i els nens” (Tchaikovsky and children! – Series “Great composers and children”)


Contains: A CD and an illustrated story

Performers: Marina Rodríguez Brià, piano and musical effects (*Gemma Morales, accordion). Xavier Mestres, narració.

Illustrations: Subi

Story: Anna Obiols

Instrument: Piano

Recorded / Published: 2006

Label / Number: Bellaterra Música S.L. / DL: B-44202-2006

ISBN- 13: 978-84-935297-2-7 / ISBN-10: 84-935297-2-9



Story: Tchaikovsky in the little world of toys


Album of Youth, opus 39             Tchaikovsky

The Nightingale                               Alyabiev*