Sonata in D major. Allegro
Sonata in D minor. Andante
Sonata in D minor. Allegro
Sonata in D major. Presto
El Puerto
El Albaicín
Danza del Molinero
Seguidillas del Diablo
Viva Navarra
El Vito

Spanish Piano Music – To José de Udaeta


It contains: 1 CD

Performer: Marina Rodríguez Brià

Instrument: Piano Steinway

Recorded / Published: 2010

Label / Number: Ars Harmònica / AH 220



Antonio Soler
Antonio Soler
Antonio Soler
Mateo Albéniz
Enrique Granados
Isaac Albéniz
Isaac Albéniz
Isaac Albéniz
Manuel de Falla
Joaquín Turina
Joaquín Rodrigo
Joaquín Larregla


If anything characterizes Marina Rodríguez’s performances, it is her spontaneity.

Spontaneity is the essence of live performance which is, in turn, an ever-changing constant dialogue with the audience in a shared sound space.

This is, of course, contrary to the idea of recording, in which lasting perfection is usually sought, the culmination of a model, almost an archetype of performance. But are not change and fleetingness the very essence of music?

Marina Rodríguez finds an answer to this in the simplest possible way: she takes a photograph of reality and displays it as it is, with no finishing touches and with the inclusion of what suddenly appears in the most natural way. With imagination, vigour, tenderness, humour … but always imbued with the vitality and creative inquisitiveness that characterise her as an artist and as a person; her performances are flexible and with an air of gracefulness acquired from her participation in multidisciplinary artistic experiences (J.J. Gutiérrez).

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