Pianòries 1 – Mètode de piano per a principiants (Pianories 1 – Piano method for beginners)


Contains: 1 Piano book

Author: Marina Rodríguez Brià

Cover designer and illustrations: Itzíar Fernández de Valderrama

Published: 2002

Editorial: DINSIC Publicacions musicals. Barcelona


I would like to provide, through this piano book, ideas and materials for delivering classes in an open way, not restricted to reading, since the child learns to play before learning to read. The organization of the book in teaching units provides milestones for the various aspects addressed in the units: improvising, reading, interpreting music with the teacher, finding one´s way at the keyboard, practising exercises, etc. Two stories with music are also added and they can be staged in performances. The idea is to make music with just a few ingredients, prompting feelings helped by a story.

My intention was to produce a collection in which expression is always present, shared by the teacher and students.

Regardless of the approaches proposed in the book, it is taken for granted that the teacher will add any necessary explanation for each new item introduced, and will provide other pieces, variations or exercises in line with the needs of each particular student. It is a good idea to create, improvise and learn by heart, as these actions allow more ‘pianisms’ to be used (i.e. an increasing use of piano techniques and elements, such as pedal, characters, more varied rhythms, greater speed, leaps, etc.) in those pieces in which the student´s limited reading capacity hinders such use. Playing four hands on the piano with the teacher can trigger the student´s sense of musicality, encouraging the student to produce harmonious sounds.