Miniatures 1 - Tchaikovsky / Kabalevsky / Khachaturian


It contains: 1 CD

Performers: Marina Rodríguez Brià (* tambourine: Pilar Subirà. Triangle: Jordi Gardeñas)

Instruments: Piano Steinway & Square piano Slocker, 1831 (Museu de la Música de Barcelona)

Recorded / Published: 1999

Label / Number: A Sense of  Music / SMM 004



Compositions by Muzio Clementi

Six Sonatinas for Piano op. 36

Three Sonatinas for Piano op. 37

Eigth Waltzes for Pianoforte with Triangle and Tambourine accompaniment *


I have chosen eight waltzes and have recorded them all in the Music Museum of Barcelona on an 1831 Slocker pianoforte, very similar to those manufactured by Clementi. Sonatinas op. 36 and op. 37 have been played on a modern piano, more familiar to the nowadays audience. The state of mind experienced while playing these pieces could be summarized as “with spirito” as he expressed so often on his scores (MRB).