El petit Albèniz- Sèries “Els grans compositors i elsnens” (Little Albèniz – Series “Great composers and children”)


Contains: A CD and an illustrated story

Performers: Marina Rodríguez Brià, piano (*Andreas Maria Germek, Guitar ** Belén Cabanes, castanets). Clara del Ruste, narration.

Illustrations: Subi

Story: Anna Obiols

Instruments: Piano

Recorded / Published: 2011

Label / Number: Bellaterra Música Ed. / A Sense of Music SL / DL: B-22324-2011

ISBN: 978-84-939027-9-7


Story: Young Albeniz adventures

Compositions by Isaac Albéniz

Marcha militar(1st. Commercial recording)


Capricho catalán


Pavana (fragmento)


Vals op. 25 núm. 2

Rumores de la caleta**





This album was released by Marina Rodríguez in 2011 in a show in the Music Museum of Barcelona where she played the Albéniz’s piano. The album is about Albéniz for children… She feels particularly enthusiastic about the project because, in addition to having recorded the composer’s most emblematic pieces, she has also performed for the first time an unpublished piece. “Albéniz composed it when he was eight years old and it is a military march. We found it in the Albeniz’s historical archive in the Music Museum of Barcelona. It was very exciting playing this piece for the first time.”

About the Story-CD Little Albéniz, Bellaterra Editions. (El9Nou.  August 19, 2011).