Clementi. Complete sonatas for fortepiano

Costantino Mastroprimiano

18 CDs

Brilliant classics, 2012

Opinions are often given out of habit, repeating clichés, and without suggesting new views on the topic being discussed. The music of Clementi has experienced this, and, even today, it still doesn’t make it to concert programmes so easily.

Fortunately, for several years now a generation of musicians and Clementi scholars have been publishing records and studies about this composer that recover his historical significance and the inherent value of his music. One of them, Costantino Mastroprimiano, has recorded the complete sonatas performed on original instruments and some replicas, surpassing the historical criteria with a lively, imaginative and jaunty performance.

The pieces of music explain themselves, with their energy and momentum—it is delightful to feel them freed from the prejudices and pejorative analyses that they have suffered on many occasions. The music flows with power in the hands of Mastroprimiano and doesn’t need to be justified with comparisons to other composers to be appreciated in its own value. It is an invitation to let Clementi’s music breathe, to open the doors and let it in.

Certainly, it will be a pleasure for both the expert and the music lover and a starting point to get to know it.

Marina Rodríguez Brià