Article and review on the Clementi CD in the magazine Revista Musical Catalana

In the issue of Revista Musical Catalana published in December 2015 (no. 348) there is an article about the Clementi piano I used in my record Clementi on a Clementi & Co square piano, as well as a review by Lluís Trullén that you can read here.

Clementi on a Clementi

Listening to Clementi on a Clementi is an act of historical justiceand even more if we stop to think that his hands might have checked the sound of this piano; deeply sweet, delicate, and “with a fragile balance between high and low notes.” Marina Rodríguez Brià recorded this album in mid-2014 with Anna Cuatrecasas’ piano and published it in 2015 under her own label. A small candy at the fingertips of those who want to enjoy it!









Translation: Paula Oliva


Preludes and Sonatas for piano Op. 10, No.1; Op. 25, No.5-6; Op. 49, No.1-6

Marina Rodríguez Brià, fortepiano

Clementi & Co 1824

UltraMarina Creations, 2015.

Performing music by Muzio Clementi with one of his pianos is much more than just a mere curiosity. Pianist Marina Rodríguez Brià is a great student of the composer’s life and work, as well as a profound connoisseur of instruments such as the harmonium, the harpsichord, and the pianoforte. Anna Cuatrecasas owns a Clementi that, after undergoing a thorough restoration, has stopped beingthrough this recording, as she explainsa silent luxurious piece of furniture. While Marina Rodríguez Brià used a 1831 Slocker piano from the Music Museum of Barcelona in his first Clementi recording, this new recording of Clementi Sonatas now features a Clementi & Co. The instrument, with a warm, balanced, greatly beautiful sound, therefore gathers all the essence and freshness that springs from the three Sonatas preceded by three Preludes (improvisations that follow the custom of that period taken from the method The art of playing on the Pianoforte) and from a selection of the brief and suggestive Monferrina dances coming from the Italian Piedmont. An interesting album not only because of the music and the dexterity in performing, but also because of the rare fact of being able to listen to an instrument in perfect condition like this Clementi & Co. Lluís Trullén