THREE BITS – Music: Joan Josep Gutiérrez / Text: Marina Rodríguez Brià

Music: Joan Josep Gutiérrez
Text: Marina Rodríguez Brià

Mini Song cycle "Three bits", text by Marina Rodríguez-Brià and music by Joan Josep Gutiérrez, performed by Teresa de la Torre, soprano, and Marina Rodríguez-Brià, piano. This is an excerpt of a life recording, from a recital of songs by contemporary catalan composers titled "Nou dels `90" (Nine of nineties).
Pictures by Marina Rodríguez.

Marina Rodríguez Brià

I. Who is coming on horseback?

Who is coming on horseback?
A medieval king.
Now he unfolds his wings
And rises up to the roofs.
To see him better
I take the lift.
Where is he? He has gone!
I raise my head,
He is laughing up on the terrace.

II. A coloured ball

A coloured ball
has the colours almost all.
A spade and a bucket.
And on the towel
a boy pulls faces.
Yes my child,
The salty sea.

III. Don't let your mind wander

Noticing in the street
A different kind of smoke,
I watched attentively:
It was thick and warm.
It was moving and there was no wind.
It lashed out as if possessed.
Until it began to separate, settling.
There appeared a kind of words
-I would say all of them could be understood-
They grew, they changed, they combined together.
And finally, triumphantly,
The main phrase burst out:

(Translation: Linda Marks)


9th Prize Competition poems and short stories of the city of Barcelona, 1989.
Poems selected unanimously by the jury, among others, by the prestigious catalan authors Joan Brossa, Joaquim Carbó, Fina Dalmau and Jaume Torrent.