CASTLELIZED – Text and paintings: Marina Rodríguez Brià

No wonder I have always painted castles left and right: I was born in Sant Vicenç de Castellet. It is located between Castellbell and Castellgalí, and the first town I lived in was Callús (very close to Castellnou de Bages and the Castelltallat range). According to one theory its name might come from Castellúç, which means ‘small castle’, or according to another it comes from the expression ‘Castrum Lucii’, which means ‘Lucian’s Castle’.

In San Vicenç de Castellet, from my bedroom I could see the castle of Castellbell with the Montserrat mountain in the background, and from the dining room, the Castellet mountain crowned by the shrine and the medieval tower.

Castle painted by Marina Rodríguez Brià
Castle painted by Marina Rodríguez Brià

When I was a child I liked to draw, and I invented a story for Nic cinema, a toy projector. It was entitled Las Seminitas and was about some girls who went to a mysterious castle where they saw some kind of witch-women dressed in black, hooded, four or five in number standing on a stair landing, and mouthless. This vision frightened the girls, who fled through a night full of owls and bats.

Without being aware of this, when I grew up I wrote the story and lyrics of the cantata Castell Cosmic (Cosmic Castle) after a trip toVallderoures and a visit to its castle. 

Cantata Castell Còsmic

And now that I paint a lot and compulsively, buildings with battlements and turrets keep coming up...

I am "castlelized"!



Marina Rodríguez Brià

Castles painted by Marina Rodríguez Brià